Frequently Asked Questions

What are the sewing cabinets made from?

Horn sewing cabinets are made from high quality 16.5mm particle board which is faced on both sides with hardwearing melamine for excellent durability. The melamine finish comes in various decorator colours and is complemented with metal and plastic fittings. Horn uses MDF (medium density fibreboard) for those cabinets with curved edging and these are also finished in melamine with matching high density plastic edging.

Where can I buy a Horn sewing cabinet?

Take a look at the Find my local store page.

Can I use the cabinet with any brand sewing machine?

Yes.  There is a Horn Sewing Cabinet to fit most Sewing Machines and Overlockers.

How do the lifters work?

The lifters work by simply pushing down on the lifter platform that the sewing machine sits on (or pushing down on top of the machine) until it ‘clicks’ into place in either the flat bed or stored position. To return the lifter for normal sewing use, simply push down on the top of the machine again and the mechanism will automatically raise the machine to the desired sewing position.

What is the warranty on Horn sewing cabinets?

There is a 1 year conditional warranty on materials and workmanship.

Will my sewing cabinet lifter take the weight of my sewing machine?

Small lifters:
Holds 12kgs (approx)
Lifts 10kgs (approx)

Large Lifters:
Holds 15 kg (approx)
Lifts 13 kg (approx)

Maximum Lifter:
Holds 20kgs (approx)
Lifts 15kgs (approx)

What is an insert – what is the insert holder for?

The insert is a clear plexi glass or acrylic plate which is specifically cut to fit the exact shape of your sewing machine* so that when you lower the machine platform to the flat bed position you can place this insert around your machine and create a flat working surface area level with your needle position. This makes it easy to sew with heavy and/or large fabrics and ensures no material or accessories fall between the machine and the lifter platform.

When the insert is not in use simply slide it behind the insert holder in the back of the cabinet for easy storage. Custom made inserts can be ordered from your local sewing centre. Simply specify the make and model of your machine and the model of your cabinet. If you are not sure of the model of your cabinet, measure the length and width of the lifter cutout.

*Whilst we can make custom made inserts for almost all sewing machines there are some models for which inserts are not available.

How do I adjust my lifter for flat bed sewing to suit my machine?

  1. Raise platform to the flat bed (also called middle) position
  2. Place your machine on the lifter platform
  3. Determine the amount of mm adjustment that is needed from the top of the sewing cabinet to the sewing surface of the sewing machine
  4. Remove your machine from the lifter platform
  5. Lower the platform to the stored/lower position
  6. Loosen 2 x lock screws on the right hand rail with screwdriver and slide height adjustment pin the required mm adjustment – up or down
  7. Tighten lock screw. Do not over tighten
  8. Replace machine – check and repeat if necessary

Are spare parts available for Horn sewing cabinets?

Spare parts are available through your local Horn supplier. There are a limited supply of spare parts for old Horn products.